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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."- Shakespeare

 My name is Carrie, I am a professional Psychic Medium with a lifetime of spiritual experiences that started when I was seven. I have been doing readings for 14 years. I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their path to self discovery, happiness, healing from loss, and love. We will journey into your past, current and future experiences to help find the clarity you are looking for and connect you with loved ones who have passed. I feel honored that people let me share in the personal details of their lives, and that I can help them find peace, happiness, and a sense of the mystical world that exists beyond our everyday lives.

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing. Or, if you're skeptical, and your friend talked you into checking out my site, thanks for opening your mind enough to be here. I hope you'll give me a chance to make you a believer that there is much more beyond our earthly life! I look forward to meeting you!



How it all began...

When I was seven years old, I was sleeping over at my best friends house after her Grandmother passed away suddenly that day. As if in a dream, I heard my own voice in my head saying "Wake up...wake up..." I slowly sat up in bed and when I opened my eyes, I saw the outline of Katie's Grandmother, pixelated and fluorescent green, hovering near the ceiling at the end of my bed. In the dark room I could clearly see her curly hair, glasses and warm smile. I stared at her in amazement, then looked at Katie to see if she was awake. When I looked back, her Grandmother's outline began to fade. The whole experience lasted all of about 30 seconds, but the effect piqued my curiosity for a lifetime. 


The next morning, as I tried to make sense of what I had seen, I said to God "Ok, if this was real, and I'm not crazy, show me more." By the time I was in college, I'd had a number of spirit sightings as well as the ability to know specific things about people there was no way I could have known. In the years to follow, I realized I was able to foretell future events and connect people with loved ones and friends who've passed. 


My goal is to help people realize that there is, indeed, more to our lives than meets the eye. That our spirits, our energy, carry on, and that those we've loved who have passed over, are very much still able to communicate with us. I hope to bring forth awareness, a new sense of wonder, and healing through these connections. I truly enjoy helping people hone their life path with special insight, and teaching others how to cultivate their own spiritual potential.

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Psychic Medium Carrie

- William Shakespeare

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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Carrie's readings, I can genuinely say have been life changing! ...She is very skilled and great at it! Each reading has helped me tremendously with personal grief and healing...in my last reading she mentioned three distinctive names of individuals who play great roles in my life. I was completely shocked because these aren't average names!  


I always trust that Carrie will deliver what I need with her readings. I have and will continue to recommend her great gift to everyone I know! 

Thank you, Carrie, for sharing your gift with me! 

J. Hawk

Carrie has done a couple of readings for me. Both of my parents passed this summer and more than anything I was looking for assurance that they were OK and that we still have some connection ...  Carrie was able to connect with both my parents, as it turns out my mother was "knocking on her door" the day before our reading, which is SO like her, because she was always such an outspoken and forceful person.  Carrie relayed some important messages from them, their personalities and what they would have said definitely came through.  She even followed up with me the next day on a dream she had about my parents, with some additional information about a family heirloom.  Carrie cares  about what information she gets for you through the reading as well as interpreting what it means.  Her own parents have both passed and so she is in tune with them and how they communicate so I feel that her own personal experience helps her to be a great medium.

Heather B.

Carrie has done my reading on more than one occasion. The most important was right after my son Joseph passed away  at the age of 29. It was unexpected and I did not get to say goodbye to him. She made me realize he was in heaven with God and he was happy and at peace.  There were things that she told me that she would not have known. For example Joseph described to her a moment at the funeral home when somebody handed me a cup of water. He wanted me to know he was there for me because I had to view his body and it was very hard.  He also wanted her to tell me that there was indeed a God. A conversation him and I have had many times.  She told me he was very sorry for leaving but he was in so much pain from years of addiction that it was for the best and he would always watch over me for the rest of my life.  He would never leave my side and I will see him again.  It definitely brings me peace knowing he’s at peace and he’s not suffering anymore. I would definitely recommend Carrie for readings.

Jennifer A. 

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Readings are available in person in the Triangle area of North Carolina or by phone. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!